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Frequently asked questions

We have listed the answers for most of the question below, which we think people ask us most of time to save our learners time.

Could’nt find the answer for your question? Ask us anything related support, content and anything else which comes in your mind, you can contact us by clicking the button below.

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General Questions

Is there any limitation to access content at skillsriver?

No, there is no such limit to access content at skillsriver. Skillsriver is for everyone. You can use the content for learning purpose as many times as you can.

I am also a skills guru, Can I join your team?

We are looking for talented individuals to join out team. Individuals should have experience in Cisco, Juniper, Cloud Computing, SDN, Cyber Security, Programming Languages and Web Development etc. If you have any of these expertise you can join our team by reaching here.

Can i share content to others?

Yes off course, As we believe in Sharing is Caring, you can share the learning material on social media by using the sharing icons at the end of every lecture.

Is skillsriver sponsred by industry vendors like Cisco, Juniper, AWS etc?

No, we are not sponsored by any of the vendors. We are an independent team who loves to create learning material.

Content Questions

When new courses are published on skillsriver?

We are trying our very best to add content on daily basis. We have prepared an in-house timeline to follow and hopefully we can stick to that. We will add 2-3 courses every month with the current team.

If I have any questions related any topic, where can I post it?

If you have any questions related any topic, you can ask us about that by reaching us here

How Skillsriver chooses new courses to be added?

Our goal is to teach you about the courses that are in high demand in the Industry. We are currently focused on Networking, Wireless, Security and Cloud Computing technologies.

What are the upcoming courses to be published on skillsriver?

We are adding Cisco, Juniper and AWS Associate level courses in our first quarter. One we are done with them, we will move on to the Professional level courses and so on.

Can i recommend you to create specific course?

We have a timeline to follow right now, but still if you want to recommend us new courses or topics, we’ll surely look into it. Email us here with the details and we’ll look into it.