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Our Journey started with you

Skillsriver is technology learning platform enabling Millions of people to grow their careers. Learn the technical skills you need to succeed in your career. We’ll teach you the most in-demand skills of Networking, Wireless, Data Center, Cloud, Cyber Security, Evolving technologies and more. Start learning from today.

Our Story

We are two good friends,having enthusiasm to learn new technology skills and much more ambitious now to teach these skills to the world. Back in 2016, our goal was to achieve one of the world’s most prestigious networking certification CCIE to get a good job which off course is a dream for most of guys. It requires motivation, full dedication and determination because it is not easy to an easy task. One year later, in 2017, we passed CCIE lab and joined the world’s most respected CCIE family.

In our CCIE journey, one thing we observed was that learning new technology skills was never so easy for some of these reasons. Great technology training resources are fairly expensive and you have to spent a lot of money to learn these skills to achieve your professional goals. Although some free or low cost resources are available online but people face a lot of problems because they are very limited in their scope, content quality of these resource is not that much good, content is old and not up to date. We can never forgot all those problems, challenges and difficulties we faced in our CCIE journey and this was the reason, why we made this platform to making learning easy for people.

Content we create is simple, easy to understand, videos explaining complex technology topics in simple way, illustrations, workbooks including configurations and troubleshooting where required, quizes, question answer support, small projects, labs or assignments to engage technology learners. As for now this platform is free for the learners.

Our goal is to make little or much impact in people lives, so that they can start their career with the best possible content. It is said, “Where there is will, there is way”. Both of us started to work to achieve our goal. First, 7 months were extremely stressful for us. We had to do so many things in parallel. This goal was far more challenging then our CCIE certification goal. Probably the biggest challenge was to keep ourselves motivated. To set up even a very small business, you need to put money. We put a decent amount of money as operational expenditure to set up this platform as most of technical tasks along with content creation was done by ourselves. We made some mistakes but with every mistake, we learnt some new thing.

Today, in May 2019, finally, we have transformed our fantasy into reality by officially launching this platform. We know that the content is very limited but it is high in quality, explained in simple words. We are sure that it would definitely help you in learning. We are working hard to add as much content and within little time, you would see a lot of course available on our platform. So stay with us.