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Privacy Policy

Who we are

We warmly welcome you here on skillsriver.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to describe how skillsriver,Inc (“Skillsriver”, “we”, “our”, “us”) collects and uses personal information collected from you. When you use our service, you acknowledge that you have read and understood our privacy policy and you trust us which is off course a big responsibility for us to keep your trust.

If you don’t understand any aspects of our privacy policy or you have complaints, suggestions and questions, you are welcomed to contact us via Your use of our service is governed by below mentioned terms and conditions.

1. Frequently used Definitions:


Small piece of file/data stored on user’s device to track an individual.

Personal data:

This is the data collected from users who use our services.

Usage Data:

Data collected or generated automatically by the use of skillsriver service. For example, time spent on our website etc.

Data Controller:

Entity that is collecting your personal data is called data collector. For example, here, skillsriver is data controller.

User or Member:

A living person who uses our service is called user.

Do not Track Option:

When you visit a website, your information is automatically sent to owner for tracking your activities on their website. This is normally used to improve services. However, you can disable it from browsers settings. Disabling this option means that a user do not want to be tracked.

2. What information we collect from you:

We may ask you the following information

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Username
  • Email address
  • Phone number (optional)
  • Current country

3. Why we collect this information?

The purpose of collecting your information is to

  • ensure high quality learning experience
  • provide you improved service as much as possible
  • provide you efficient technical customer support
  • communicate with you for our latest updates, promotions and marketing. Dont be scared, we would never bombard you with our emails.
  • provide testimonials (with your consent only), that we often post on skillsriver
  • track your activities via cookies, google analytics and some other third party platforms.Note that, there would not be any support for “Do not track” request in your browser
  • comply with legal rights & obligations
  • protect and defend any legal liabilities

3. When we may disclose your information?

We will hold your personal information as long as it is needed. There may be some situations where We may disclose. For example, to:

  • comply with any legal obligation in future
  • protect any wrongdoing of services we provide
  • defend and protect the rights of skillsriver
  • protect safety of other users of the service or general public
  • to protect or defend against any legal liability

4. What are we responsible for?

We guarantee you that your information is not disclosed. It is secure and confidential. Privacy policy may be modified time to time. We are responsible to post a notice on our site’s homepage for a reasonable time period.

5. What we are not responsible for

We use industry standard tools, procedures and technologies to keep your personal data confidential, secure as much as possible.
But it should be kept in mind that nothing is absolute 100% secure on the internet. Any third party may find a way to circumvent our
breach our security.

We don’t have links to other sites, so you are advised not to provide your personal information on any other sites on our behalf. We would not be responsible for any activity done from other sites.

6. Guidelines for members:

  • While signing up, you must provide accurate and complete information.
  • You should use strong password as much as possible.
  • You are responsible for any activity that is done from your account.
  • You must notify skillsriver immediately if something unauthorized is happened.
  • If you want to manage frequency of emails sent by us, you can change in preference. By default, we would send you email when a new course is launched.
  • Privacy policy can be modified time to time. When changes are made, it would be labeled as “Revised (date/month/year)”. You are advised to review it as soon as it is posted on notice board.
  • Only skillsriver has right to track you while using our services. Members are not able to see, track and contact you.
  • Our services does not address anyone under age of 18.